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MSSP Playbook
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MSSP Playbook Fundamentals 

As a fellow managed service provider (MSP), I struggled with the fact that our clients are under attack all day, every day. We ourselves are under siege. MSPs are now falling victim to attacks with their entire client base and networks being infected and shut down by cyber criminals. To date, we know of over 300 MSPs that have had ransomware infect their entire client base because of an insecurity within the MSPs themselves! And with the growing threats and dangers that are out there, more and more companies are getting hit. Will you be next? Lockdown your MSP now!


  • Types of Threats: Understanding what types of attacks are happening

  • Understanding Cyber Risks: Hackers are gaining access to networks in stealth mode

  • Ghosts in the Infrastructure: Every device with an IP is an entry point of attack


  • Security Stack: What should be included in your stack

  • Exposure: Should you allow clients to pick and choose 

  • MSP Lockdown: Put your oxygen mask on before protecting your clients

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Every login must require MFA and unique passwords for each


  • Deployment : Roll out to every client 

  • Full System Scan: Every network needs to undergo a complete security sweep

  • Every Device: Every device on every network must have protection


  • Breach: Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Documentation: Incident communication planning

  • Containment: Process for ensuring threat containment

  • Communication: Who is responsible for client communications


  • Business Continuity: Written plan of action prior to breach

  • Recovery Time Objectives: Understanding of critical systems and business critical

  • Insurance: Coverage and due diligence to ensure claim acceptance